“Meadowlark Family Healthcare is a clinic located on the West Side in Rio Rancho, NM. We provide a wide range of services and procedures in primary care and have recently extended our practice to include Meadowlark Wellness Center in an aim to provide the best possible care for our patients.

We accept most insurance plans and offer a same day cash discount to patients with no insurance. Our goal is to foster wellness for our patients from childhood through adulthood. We strive to work in partnership with patients in order to achieve their optimal health goals.

The state of our health affects all aspects of our lives. Likewise, our experiences can affect the state of our health. The ideal form of treatment is prevention of illness.

I encourage, inform, and empower individuals to make healthy choices. My part in working toward positive outcomes with clients is to offer respect, knowledge and experience, honest judgment, and clinical skill.

I want patients to set healthy goals and actively participate in their own care. When I understand a person’s priorities and values, then I can better support them with their healthcare.

Our mission:

To promote lifelong health of the mind, body, and spirit.”


-Pat Conkling